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1 Step 7 Seas, the quartet of reed player Steven Kamperman, sounds remarkably sophisticated: a rich acoustic group sound, well thought-out compositions which tend to abstraction and contain plenty of rythmic ingenuities, and improvisations balancing graciously between freedom and form. Kamperman's alto clarinet and alto sax meld harmoniously with Kees Adolfsen's trombone, and besides the light and musical drumming of Chris Barchet there is the pleasantly strong wooden sound of Tjitze Vogel's double bass (De Volkskrant)

Playing on a minimal drumkit, Chris Barchet worked magic rythms by using brushes, sticks or simply his hands (NRC-Handelsblad)

Trombone player Kees Adolfsen plays his instrument inimitable, into the far corners of intonation and expression (De Gelderlander) >>> back to CD info page

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