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1 step 7 seas

The formation 1 step 7 seas was founded by altoist/alto clarinettist Steven Kamperman. It's a group with a varied repertoire: from mysterious underground funk music to Archie Shepp visiting New-Orleans. Especially noteworthy are the influences from music from the Balkan and the Middle East. In december 1998 the group was featured in the Dutch 'young VIP-tour'.

Press reviews

The compositions are small gems and the four musicians have the character to add a very personal touch to the music (NRC-Handelsblad)

Each individual musician showed great skill and passion, and together they played with extreme expressiveness (De Gelderlander)

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Steven Kamperman: alto saxophone & alto clarinet

Tjitze Vogel: double bass & E-flat tuba

Kees Adolfsen: trombone

Chris Barchet: drums

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