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Société - Tous les Couleurs

Société - Tous les Couleurs

What do you get when 4 master musicians from Senegal, Curacao and Germany come together to play music - each from his own tradition but sharing a sense of freedom, depth and brotherhood? A mind-blowing, adventurous, border-crossing live-album, where Jazz, West-African & South-American music and Pop melt together effortlessly - or simply: great music!


Mola Sylla (Senegal): voice, mbira, xalam, congoma

Franky Douglas (Curaçao): electric and acoustic guitars

Praful (Germany): soprano/tenor saxophones, flutes, mouth harp, synthesizers

Serigne C.M. Gueye (Senegal): suruba, bugarabu, calebas, djembe, hi-hat

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