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Sandhya Sanjana

Sandhya means union, such as day and night. Since I was born at sunset, my mother gave me this name. As I grew older and readily absorbed and incorporated many singing styles, I discovered how apt this name was. Some of these melodies have been handed down to me by the oral tradition, others are my own. Narayan is the first song I ever learnt, from my mother.

To my mother, who taught me my first song and my father, who sang while not being appreciated, I dedicate this. I also wish to thank my family who has always celebrated every occasion with song. And all my teachers - musical and otherwise.

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Eric Vloeimans: trumpet

Harida Quinteros: santoor

Jasper Goedman: percussion

Jeroen Vierdag: electric bass

Kai Eckhardt: electric bass

Maarten Meddens: Fender Rhodes & grand piano

Lotz, Mark Alban (Germany): bass- and other flutes

Mark Tuinstra: electric- and acoustic guitar

Marko Bonarius: acoustic bass

Nitiranjan Biswas: tabla

Omri Hason: hang

Ramesh Shotham: South Indian percussion & konakol

Rudi Sanders: drums

Sandhya Sanjana: vocals

Zoltan Lantos: violin

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