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Zapp 4

With the new CD Radiohunter Zapp 4 dives into the deep and presents, for the first time, a cd with exclusively their own compositions. This is also the first CD with Jeffrey Bruinsma who brings his great improvising skills and tasteful compositions to the band.
With each song Zapp 4 explores another sound world. Sometimes the music is poetic, grounded and illustrative. Sometimes it's rough, cooking and lyrical.
Radiohunter is an ode to fantasy.

Press reviews

Zapp4: Radiohunter
Concerten van Zapp4, voorheen het Zapp String Quartet, zijn een zeldzaamheid op Belgische podia en dat is een spijtige zaak ...
(Kwadratuur 24 maart 2011 by Koen Van Meel) >>> read further Dutch version

Review in Dutch about Zapp4 Radiohunter
(Jazzenzo 19-12-2010 by Rinus van der Heijden)

Zapp4 plays with passion
The Zapp String Quartet has a new name, but stays one of the most special and stunning ensembles in this traditional line up. On their fifth cd they sound better then ever...
(Volkskrant 9-12-2010 by Frank van Herk) >>> read further English version
>>> read further Dutch version

Zapp 4 is a beautiful example of the typical Dutch tradition of non-cathegorized music between composed and improvised music, jazz and pop.
(NRC Handelsblad Nov. 26th 2010)


Jasper le Clercq: violin

Oene van Geel: viola

Jeffrey Bruinsma: violin

Emile Visser: cello

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