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Pum´kin Diaries

Lotz of music

Multi national quartet performing their imaginative Pygmy Bebop. Haunting, wild and beautiful music documenting the first recordings of a PVC contra bass flute in dialogue with Pygmies!

In the US, South Americas, Canada and Japan under license of Random Chance Records, NYC

Press reviews

... they're going to make some real noise. (Tad Hendrickson: CMJ New Music Report, NY)

Beautifully done, sprightly and satisfying throughout. One of my favorites this year. (Ken Egbert, www.jazznow.com)

Flutist Mark Alban Lotz has produced one of the more oddly gorgeous recordings I've listened to this year. (Michael J. Renner, Jazz Series Review St. Louis) >>> read further


Lotz, Mark Alban (Germany): picollo, concert-, alto-, bas-, PVC, contra bass flute, Indian Bamboe flutes

Roon, Marc van (Netherlands): piano

Surmenian, Eric (France): acoustic bass

Vatcher, Michael (USA): drum set, percussion, glass organ

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