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Pan Project

El Greco

If the "Pan Project" is about any of its members, it is about "El Greco", Nikos Tsilogiannis. More spirit than leader of the band, his art graces the cover. His drumming, painting with percussion and compositions grace the music inside.
When Nikos arrived in the Netherlands in 1976 he came carrying his experience as a drumming mainstay of the Greek rock scene, hungry for jazz, enthusiastically singing Greek folksongs for Dutch musicians looking for new songs to play with. In the eighties he led several succesfull bands on the Dutch jazz scene combining Greek folk music, jazz and free improvisation. During the same period he developed his talent as a wood sculptor and -painter. Sculpting moved to the forefront of Nikos' activities during the nineties when he captured a big part of Greek mythology in wood in his very personal colourful style.
In the past years Nikos has been able to strike a balance between eyes and ears, picking up the drums and renewing old friendships in music. The Pan project and its first CD have been one outcome of this, with the regular project base of Nikos, Paul, Henk and Tjitze enriched on several tunes by piano and compositions of Albert van Veenendaal.

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Paul Weiling: alto & soprano saxophone

Henk Spies: tenor saxophone

Nikos Tsilogiannis: drums & percussion

Tjitze Vogel: double bass

Albert van Veenendaal: piano

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