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Come to catch your voice

Vogelkwartet with Jaap Blonk

Voice poet Jaap Blonk has been actively involved in poetry and music for over 20 years, voicing musical improvisations as well as performing poetry of Lucebert, Paul van Ostayen and Kurt Schwitters. For VogelKwartet, this is their third CD, the previous ones inviting press comment like: "Timeless and Fascinating", "Crossing Borders with the Grace of Birds", "Alchemy!" and "Brings out the Best in all the Worlds it Touches".


Le Clercq, Jasper: violin

Ohlmeier, Lothar: bass clarinet & soprano sax

Swinkels, Joost: trombone

Vogel, Tjitze:
double bass & E-flat tuba

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