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Carlama Orkestar

The serbian word Carlama refers to a certain kind of wild dance as well as an exuberant party. This description fits this energetic group, that was started by Yugoslav Hungarian Ákos Laki, like a glove.
The musicians combine the rich Serbian brassband tradition with rhythms and melodies from all over the Balkan region, resulting in a steaming mix in which improvisation plays an important part.
The group has an extraordinary line-up. In addition to percussion almost the whole saxophone family is present: from soprano saxophone to the relatively rare bass saxophone. The result resembles a surprising cross between Fanfare Ciocarlia and the World Saxophone Quartet. Hunting rhythms, furious trills, blazing ballads and a good sense of humour are the main ingredients in this group.


Ákos Laki: soprano saxophone, mc

Steven Kamperman: alto saxophone

Stanislav Mitrovic: alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, vocals

Henk Spies: bass saxophone

Sebastian Demydczuk: drums, percussion

Behsat Üvez: percussion

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