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Elektro Shaman


This project is about earth, water, air and fire. It is about the world around us. It is also about ourselves. It is about our longing to transcend our individuality and feel connected to nature.

Our inspiration lies in age old shamanistic roots of Turkish tribes and their raw trance music. The lyrics are excerpts from ancient texts recorded in the Göktürk and the first Uygurian-Turkish written sources: mythological stories about the creation of earth and the history of the first tribes. The language is old Uygurish-Turkish, difficult to understand for modern Turks nowadays.

We have treated these ancient roots with an electronic approach, looking for a new sound. We have taken old grooves as a point of departure, and added a light touch. As a result, there is both joy and intensity in this album. We hope you will listen with pleasure and dance with vigour!


Steven Kamperman: soprano saxophone, alto clarinet

Jeff Sopacua: guitar

Ernst Reijseger: cello, electric cello

Erman Dirikcan: guitar

Behsat Üvez: vocals, cura, electric bağlama, percussion

Afra Mussawissade: percussion, samples

Eric Calmes: electric bass

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