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Loplop haan


Loplop and its backbone organisation Four in One are a musicians collective based in Utrecht, Netherlands, working to release new sounds into music and into your ear:
- through the cd-label Loplop,
- through Music: World Series,
- through other related projects.

Loplop is an imaginary bird created by the great German painter and sculptor Max Ernst, often presented presenting a work of art.

Version of Loplop created by musicians from Utrecht

The Loplop universe gravitates around combinations of world musics, improv and chamber music, creating a fascinating diversity of new orbits.
Four in One initiates concerts, workshops, sessions and projects under its own steam as well as in cooperation with Jazz Foundation Utrecht, the Municipality of Utrecht and a number of other foundations.

Needless to say that many of Max Ernsts admirers recognize themselves in his artistic devotion.

Music: World Series organizes concert tours by especially formed ensembles of musicians with a diversity of backgrounds, combining a worldwide variety of talents to create new music. 

Loplop presents "Loplop"